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Craftsmanship meets sustainability

Tototo is based in Himi city in Toyama Prefecture where fishery culture is rooted. We contribute to Zero waste, sustainable production. We suggest the new life style by upcycling and creating the fish leather products.


The brand name "tototo" is named after the word "toto" , "toto" means "fish". Then added "to" after "toto". "to" is a preposition "with" in Japanese. "With fish", we coexist to create a more abundant future.

We want to solve the current Problems of the Leather Industry by upcycling fish skin.

Problem 1
Animals are killed only to make leather products.

Most of them may not be conscious of this, but most of the leather of the leather of the upper class, and fur (fur) used for clothes, etc.are being produced and raised animals only to use the skin as a material.
In recent years, there has been a growing voice of opposition to the present situation, and in the fashion industry, there are growing brands to declare repellent leather and fur.

Problem 2
"Chrome" is used for leather processing.

In order to change the skin of the animal to a sturdy, supple "leather", the work called "namasu" is performed. This work is mainly done in two ways: "tannin twill" or "Chrome tannery".
"Tannin tannu" is made of tea, such as tannin, which makes the skin healthy. It is environmentally friendly processing method to use plant derived ingredients. "Chrome tannu" is a chemical processing method using chemical components of chromium. 80% of the leather products currently being sold are cheap and easy to use.

Problem 3
Fish waste

We often eat fish, bones and skins.
The part of the so-called "ara" is processed as fish powder and is used as a field fertilizer and animal feed, but most of them are treated without being recycled.

Present state and problem of Fisheries waste treatment. Data from the agriculture and Forestry Research Institute

We are destroying the environment. Before we know it.

Mass-Manufactured Leather products lowered the price of leather goods. Of course, it is not wrong to offer a better item cheap. However, leather production is linked to some serious sustainability issues. We believe that it is time to change the way of manufacturing.

In the past, many leather products were made to be cheaper and better for us, and as a result, they had a large impact on the environment. Of course, it is not wrong to provide better products at a lower price. However, with the abundance of various products, we believe that we should not continue to make the same products as before.