Toward a Sustainable World

Fish leather brand

"tototo" is based in Himi city in Japan where fishery culture is rooted.
We contribute to Zero waste, sustainable production. We suggest the new life style by upcycling and creating the fish leather products.

Unique to the beauty

Think 1000 years ahead for people and oceans
Change now.

Everyone's definition of happiness is different. But what if in the future, crops could not be grown on the earth, it was too hot to live in, and water was undrinkable?

When it becomes hard to even live, will there be the same happiness as now?

Now we know that our lives are linked to environmental destruction.

But I want to be happier tomorrow, and I want people a thousand years from now to be happy too. I don't want to live just to be happy now, without caring about the distant future.

That is why tototo will challenge to make people happy now and in the future.

Product dealer

At the dealer, you can see the TOTOTO product.

Media posting results

TOTOTO was introduced in many media, including magazines and TVs.

What is Fish leather?
Fish leather has beautiful scales patterns. Can not be split. No fish smell.
Gift Idea
Precious Gift

Whether you're shopping for a birthday or a sentimental goodie just because. We have got you covered.

We want to save the sea

TOTOTO takes discarded fish skin and processes it into strong, supple fish leather.



Atelier Information

Sea Palace 1F, 7-4 Kitaomachi, Himi, Toyama, Japan, 935-0004

weekday 10:00am - 17:00pm
Saturday and Sunday