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The outside is salmon leather, and the inside is an all -leather watch belt using cow nume leather. The sharp, slender silhouette and the natural formation finished without dyeing, the beauty that suits both formal and casual, making it a dish that enhances the appeal of the arms. By finishing a simple design, you can feel the beautiful scales of fish leather on the entire surface.


Product specifications

・ Exterior: Salmon leather

・ Interior: cowhide

・ Production: Japan


Compatible with the arms around the M size 140-175mm

Compatible with the arm around the L size 160-195mm

Rug size is 20mm for both M and L

When attaching to an apple watch

M size supports the apple watch case size [for 38-40mm] to 140-175mm.

Example Women in their 20s 165cm Slim [Wrist around 140mm]
▶ AppleWatch case: 38/40mm ▶ Size: m


The L size corresponds to the case size of Apple Watch [for 42-44mm] up to 160-195mm.

40s Men 170cm Ordinary body type [Wrist around 170mm]
▶ AppleWatch case: 42/44mm ▶ Size: L


When attaching to watches other than apple watch

You haveMeasure the rug width (the clock belt mounting width).

Lug width is 20mmIf so, it can be installed.

Both M size and L size are 20mm in rugs, M size for those around the arm up to 140-175mm, L size for those around 160-195mmPlease choose.

Clock like the photo aboveIn the case of a case, most belts can be attached because the rug hole is far from the case.

However, depending on the width and shape of the lag, it may not be possible to attach it.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

* In the following cases, it cannot be installed.

When the rug width is not 20 mm.

When the rug shape is special.




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Until the product is made

The production period of fish leather is about one month. In addition, it takes about two months, including sewing work on leather products.
Introducing the discerning process until raw fish skin becomes leather and reborn as leather products.