About our products

It is a beautiful lick leather that is full of individuality from [fish skin] that often can usually be discarded. Even if it is a fish, there is no fish odor, and the same leather-specific aroma as cowhide etc.
Since the fiber specific to fish is also a cross hatch structure, even if the fiber-specific fiber is a cross hatch structure, it is possible to realize the strength of the fish skin.
In addition, TOTOTO uses the skin of the fish that will be originally discarded, and the manufacturing process also creates a sustainable manner using materials that consider the environment.
Please see the idea from the page of [This (link)].

There is an aging change in the same way as beef leather. Enjoy the unique change of leather.

Maintenance method is not difficult. Please use cleaner and water repellent as well as beef leather.
In the future, maintenance agents that fit fish leather will also be prepared, so please look forward to it.
In addition, for the TOTOTO membership members, repair and repair are made for the permanent repair guarantee.
The price changes depending on the repair content, so please contact me once when you wish.
If you provide approximate repair and repair fee, please send the product to our shop if you can accept the content.
※ Please note that if the corruption is inconvenient and repair is not possible.

About shopping

Free shipping within Japan.
International deliveries will cost from about $30. Prices vary by region.

All the display prices of our shop are tax included.

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Payment is possible.

It is possible. Please give me the effect of gift wrapping from the remarks field at the time of purchase.
We will respond as flexibly as possible.
In addition, gift wrapping is for free.

It is possible. You can set the orderer information and the shipping address separately on the order screen.

Excuse me, but if you are using a mobile carrier email, you may not receive an email due to the cause of career email settings.
If you are using a mobile carrier email, please receive an email that will receive from @ ◯◯◯.

It is possible to publish. When necessary, please fill in the remarks column at the time of purchase.

Since one craftsman manufactured by handmade, there are many times in the time of restocking and an irregular thing.
Products that have arrived in arrival are notified of TOTOTO's official Instagram @ TOTOTOTO_OFFICIAL.
In addition, there are also things to meet for expectations, so please contact us at DM after follow.

We have a pop-up shop in an irregular stage. In that case, we will notify you of TOTOTO's official Instagram, so please follow @ tototo_official and check the information.
You can also view the goods in the Atelier in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture. As it is a complete reservation system, please send a more reservation than [Contact Us (Link)].

About delivery

Domestic delivery is Yamato Transport or Japan Post, International delivery will be delivered by EMS.
Free shipping within Japan.
International deliveries will cost from about $30. Prices vary by region.

After ordering, it will be shipped within 5 business days and will be delivered from 2 to 5 days from the completion of shipment.
※ For delivery base, there is a region that takes time to arrive because of Toyama Prefecture.

It corresponds. Please note that the customer will be borne by the customer if you have a tariff.

Taxation / tax exemption decisions and tax rates are determined by customs. About actual taxation TOTOTO has no responsibility. Please note that the customer will be borne by the customer if you have a tariff. Tariffs should be paid directly to the delivery company and customs.
HS code 4202
Tarpop Mai San America 8%

We Use EMS for International Shipping. Customs Duty and Other Taxes May Be Levied Additionally When The Shipment Reaches Your Country.
IF Applicable, Please Pay Those Costs Directly to the Delivery Agents or The Customs Office.

I am very sorry. As we will exchange it, please contact us more about [Contact].

If you contact me within 14 days after arrival of the product, you can return or exchange if you can return within 20 days if it is unused.
If a product different from defective or different orders arrives, we will return or exchange it. Please contact us once in that case.
※ Fish leather has individual differences due to natural materials. A photo is an example. note that.