Voice of the buyer

Half Wallet [Buri]

ONMar 25, 2021
I was able to purchase with confidence with a quick and polite response. A gem selected by my son for a job celebration. I was looking forward to what it was. The product looks, touches, and is more nice and satisfying than I thought. I think it will be cherished. Thank you very much.

Card Case [Buri]
ONMar 11, 2022
When I was looking for a business card holder for gifts, I searched and purchased it immediately on TV. We also put presents packaging and shipped quickly, so we were able to present as scheduled. I was very pleased with the unusual business card holder. Because it is the first material, I do not know how strong it is, but it seems that maintenance is possible, so I think it would be nice if it could be used for a long time. I hope that the matching long wallet will be presented someday.
 ONMar 02, 2021
Thank you for your wonderful gift packaging!


Key Holder [Buri]

ON SEP 05, 2021
I purchased it as a gift. I am very happy that the person who received it was pleased with "Buri!?