iPhone Case [BURI]

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Rather than throwing away fish skin, we would like to make something a little out of the ordinary! 

"The Wonder of Nature" iPhone case made just for you!

This is a iPhone case made of yellowtail skin leather caught in the sea of Himi.
Sturdy yellowtail skin leather has beautiful scale pattern, a gentle touch and glossy look. 
Each yellowtail has their own scale pattern. The one and only fish leather makes you so "You"!

Product details

Yellowtail skin leather is used for the exterior, the inside is a black hard case. Every one of them is hand-made by our skilled craftsmen.
Since the fish skin leather is a natural material, there may be a little scratchs, lines and sometimes color irregularity. As these are characteristics of fish skin, we would like to ask your understanding.

Choose the color you love!
Please choose the color from Brilliant yellow orange, Chic and elegant navy blue and Bluish-green like the ocean.

Supported models:All iPhones

12 Pro MAX, 12 PRO, 12, 12 mini, SE (second generation)

11 Pro, 11 Pro MAX, 11


8 Plus, 8,7 Plus, 7

Color: yellow, navy, green

Country of Origin: Japan